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When is the Best Time to Write Your Book?

A wise sage once answered the question:  

When is the best time to plant a tree?  His answer was: 

"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago...and the second best time is now."

The same goes for your book.  Your book is like a seed, a gift you are given.  It is up to you to plant it!   Some people carry that seed around for years, sometimes their whole lives, and never plant it!  Can you imagine the negative impact of never getting your book out? 

Now imagine what would open up for you if you did. 

Planting your 'book seed' can be as simple as showing up and writing it, however it takes the appropriate conditions and strategy to grow it.

Here I've interviewed three of our success story Authors:
Jodi, Judy, and Todd who wrote non-fiction books and are in different stages in their book writing/publishing journey.

Notice that they started by simply deciding that NOW is the right time, no matter what was...

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Are You Ready to Unleash a Greater Vision For Your Life?

I had no idea when I took the giant leap into coaching, speaking, and getting clear on my vision for my book that there was an unleashing stage where I had to completely disconnect from the stable career and be willing to face fear.

I had to allow myself to have unwavering faith for the vision I received to inspire people to rise into greater purpose through their stories. 

I had been marinating on this vision for 10 years!  Back then, I had a dream, a vision, that pulled me out of bed to write at 3am.  It was one night where I received a glimpse of my doing breakthrough work at an event and people were standing up and sharing how they have powerfully shifted perception of their stories.  I could feel the shift in the dream.

A voice told me to get out of bed to write... pen to paper... so I did.  I went on to write down 10 pages of what I saw and experienced then went back to bed and forgot about it.

While I may have forgotten about it, I still received nudges...

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Turning Grief into Purpose

Grief is a state that encompasses many different emotions depending on the stage.  While some people experience grief from the loss of a loved one, others may experience it from divorce or loss of a job or financial status.  No matter the story and details of what you are experiencing, the state is the same for everyone and it can be debilitating, especially during the holidays or other special occasions.  We store grief in our bodies and without releasing the core root of the grief, it can cause depression and even health issues.  

If you are experiencing grief right now, this is a signal that you are ready to let it go.  It helps to tell the story of your grief.  By switching from the "in it" part of your story to the storyteller, you are actually creating a space in your brain so that you can let go of the emotion.  I encourage you to journal through your story and share your story to close friends and loved ones so that you are not going...

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