Christine Gail

Author, Speaker, Leadership Coach,
Best-selling Author Publishing Coach

Christine Gail is an inspirational speaker, intuitive leadership and creative coach, and a Best-Selling Author publishing coach with a mission to help ignite a deeper purpose within others.  Her book Unleash Your Rising, (Spring 2019) includes research on intention, leadership tips, and is a source of inspiring insight on how to move past your comfort zones and activate your story.  Christine is certified in the Tony Robbins-Madanes total breakthrough system and brings more than two decades of business development experience as well as a multitude of modalities to help you live more joyfully and become empowered in your mission to serve and transform the world.

Coming from a large family of 10, Christine worked through college, holding various sales and marketing jobs while achieving an Honors English Degree with Teaching Certification from Rutgers University in 2002.  She felt compelled to teach but found she wanted to reach the world and youth in a more meaningful way.  Christine continued in her business development career after graduating and launched what became a $3 Million business at the age of 34.  After a series of events that led her to walk away from the company she built from the ground up, including experiencing a vision and being pulled out of bed to write, and meeting her publishing coach while waiting in line to see Oprah for a Super Soul Series taping, she realized she was being propelled by something bigger than her and she continued to heal what came up as she stretched herself to share her gifts with the world. She believed that by coaching others to see their vision through she could eventually get her book out and continue to impact others with her Unleash Your Rising message.  While coaching entrepreneurs, filmmakers, authors, coaches, and thought-leaders, she still has a heart for teaching and encouraging young people to follow their joy in their career path. For every dollar she makes in her business, she sets aside 10% towards her mission to empower young people through education.

Leading with IntentionWhile most believe that leadership is the act of leading others, actually a conscious leader is an expert at leading himself or herself and activating the self-leadership within others.  The new way of leading, whether you are a leader of your family or a leader of a large corporation, calls for harmony, collaboration, connection and heart-focused intention.  Christine works with leaders on many levels to activate their leadership strengths and improve their business outcomes.  She strategizes with you a plan to create a more powerful mission, build out a story and empower your teams and clients.  With Christine’s proven methods, leaders can substantially increase their income while achieving work/life balance. 

Writing and Publishing ~ Do you feel compelled to write a book?  Christine can help you navigate through this process to leave your legacy, position yourself as a keynote speaker, successful entrepreneur and sought-after coach.  She also have connections within the film and television industry to help get your story adapted to a screenplay for a motion picture or television series.

Inspirational Keynote Speaking  ~ Christine’s impactful Unleash Your Rising message will inspire your attendees, teams, students, employees, or clients to lead with intention and ignite their story.  Christine can accommodate the theme of your event and bring in breakthrough tools leaving your audience inspired and ready to rise into a greater vision for their life and work.  To book Christine to speak email: [email protected].

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