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Are You Ready to Unleash a Greater Vision For Your Life?

I had no idea when I took the giant leap into coaching, speaking, and getting clear on my vision for my book that there was an unleashing stage where I had to completely disconnect from the stable career and be willing to face fear.

I had to allow myself to have unwavering faith for the vision I received to inspire people to rise into greater purpose through their stories. 

I had been marinating on this vision for 10 years!  Back then, I had a dream, a vision, that pulled me out of bed to write at 3am.  It was one night where I received a glimpse of my doing breakthrough work at an event and people were standing up and sharing how they have powerfully shifted perception of their stories.  I could feel the shift in the dream.

A voice told me to get out of bed to write... pen to paper... so I did.  I went on to write down 10 pages of what I saw and experienced then went back to bed and forgot about it.

While I may have forgotten about it, I still received nudges...

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