Do you feel a pull towards making
a positive impact on the world?

Are you an entrepreneur, coach, holistic health practitioner, speaker, executive, or author who would like to reach more people? Do you have a story to tell in the way of a book, film, or through your business and have no idea where to begin? Have you considered writing a book to propel your speaking, coaching, or consulting business? Christine Gail seeks writers who are inspired to empower others and activate positive change in the world through the common thread of story.

Writing / Publishing Coaching
Story Breakthrough Leadership Coaching

Aligning with purpose is the greatest gift to yourself and the world.

Christine Gail is an inspirational keynote speaker, story breakthrough leadership strategist, Amazon best-selling Author of the book Unleash Your Rising, and a Best-Selling Author Publishing Coach.  

Christine empowers leaders to rise into the next level through vision-building, story breakthrough strategy techniques, and by using their book as a tool to reach more people.   Christine also enjoys assisting creatives, writers and producers make the connections necessary to get their work adapted for film.  Schedule a complimentary session with Christine to unleash your rising.

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