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Are You Ready to Unleash a Greater Vision For Your Life?

I had no idea when I took the giant leap into coaching, speaking, and getting clear on my vision for my book that there was an unleashing stage where I had to completely disconnect from the stable career and be willing to face fear.

I had to allow myself to have unwavering faith for the vision I received to inspire people to rise into greater purpose through their stories. 

I had been marinating on this vision for 10 years!  Back then, I had a dream, a vision, that pulled me out of bed to write at 3am.  It was one night where I received a glimpse of my doing breakthrough work at an event and people were standing up and sharing how they have powerfully shifted perception of their stories.  I could feel the shift in the dream.

A voice told me to get out of bed to write... pen to paper... so I did.  I went on to write down 10 pages of what I saw and experienced then went back to bed and forgot about it.

While I may have forgotten about it, I still received nudges and knowings that my current work was not serving me.  I felt empty inside...something was missing.  That something was called VISION.  On top of that, 5 days/week my daughters were stuck in aftercare until 5 or 6 o'clock at night.  I craved more freedom in my schedule and more time with them.

Eventually, like these hot air balloons, I had to let go of the rope holding me down and I had to allow myself to be fueled by the fire....the fire being my passion to inspire people to find the power in their stories through their books, speaking, and in their overall lives.

There could be no turning back. I just had to do it. There was a readiness I had to take I just let go and took the leap.

It was not the ideal timing.  There were no guarantees.  I trusted my vision and I trusted my mentors.  I trusted the results I was getting with clients.  I trusted the years of personal development behind it.  It wasn't an easy shift but nothing made me feel more fulfilled.  I took consistent inspired action and stayed focused.  This created life-long change in people's lives and I began to create the life I've always wanted for myself and my family.

Have you been receiving the same nudges and knowings?
Where have you been holding back?
Are you ready to unleash a greater vision over your life?

CHRISTINE GAIL is a keynote speaker, story breakthrough leadership strategist, and book publishing coach.  Her #1 best-selling book Unleash Your Rising, endorsed by Jack Canfield, Les Brown, and John Assaraf, includes research on intention, leadership tips, and is a source of inspiring insight on how to move past your comfort zones and ignite your story.  Christine enjoys mentoring Authors, speakers, and coaches on the transformational power of their stories and how to reach more people with their books.
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