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The Family Unit is the Core of Our Society

The family unit is the core of our society. I feel there has been an outcry from children seeking connection, to be seen, to be heard, for belonging. They aren't going to find that through a screen and if they are finding it at school and not at home, you've already lost them.

We can recreate our society by focusing on the family unit. Take necessary time to parent. Allow them to grow, to discover their identity, their Divine destiny, and the value of who they are in a loving environment.

The greatest gift you can give them is the opportunity to be themselves. And the greatest gift you will receive is seeing the world through their eyes. Take the time to ask questions and listen. They have more figured out than most people in leadership. It's simple. 

If you do not have a family, the greatest gift you can give is to find a family and be a support for them. They say it takes a village, yet we have forgotten that. Get back to basics. Our children deserve this chance to know they...

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