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Health - Your Own Healing Journey

personal development Nov 18, 2016

Your Own Healing Journey

by: Dr. Chris Hengesteg, D.C.

One of the most common questions I hear in my office is, "How long will it take for me to feel better?"  I know the patient wants a straight answer but sometimes it is hard to give. Why?  There are so many variables in the healing mechanisms of our bodies.  Your healing journey can be completely different from someone else's journey even if you both have the same health issues. I like to put healing into 4 categories: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.


Physical involves the body and its 12 major systems in the body:  integumentary, skeletal, muscular, immune, lymphatic, cardiovascular, urinary, digestive, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, and reproductive.  Do these systems function together or are they helter skelter?  For example:  If your digestive system isn't working properly, it can cause a decrease in your immune function which can cause your endocrine system to not function properly which can lead to slower metabolism and slower healing capabilities.  So many variances can occur with all of these systems.


Mental involves the person's own thoughts hence the phrase, "mind over matter."  If you constantly say things like, "I will never feel better", "I'm never going to heal", "I hate being overweight", "I hate being sick", "I am always sick," the negative statements you say in your head or out loud do have a drastic effect on your well being.  These negative phrases impact your body and when repeated over and over will create exactly what you are saying.


Emotional involves our emotions such as anger, grief, resentment, shame, guilt, and low self-esteem.  We live in a physical world ran on emotions.  We have all experienced these emotions whether it is being angry because we are stuck in traffic and late to work; grief from the loss of a loved one; resentment about decisions made in the past; negativity towards your boss; and the list can go on and on.  I believe that negative emotions have the greatest negative impact on our overall health than anything.  The following is a life philosophy that has helped me tremendously: "It's not what happens to you, it's how you respond."


Spiritual is the most important aspect of one's life yet probably ignored the most when it comes to healing.  We have to remember the quote by B.J. Palmer, a major developer in chiropractic, "The power that made the body heals the body, there is no other way."  In order for all of our systems to communicate together, our mental thoughts to have any cause and effect, our emotions to be felt, there has to be a connection with the highest possible power that exists, God.  This connection is through Spirit.   When one realizes our truest and deepest core of our being is founded upon Peace, Love, and Joy, letting go of our negative emotions and mentations allows our connection with Spirit to be at its greatest.  This allows for the greatest healing potential possible.  So when I am asked, "How long will this take before I feel better?"  As you can see, there are a number of variables to look at.  Some cases can be very simple and some are very complicated.  Join me on this journey as I write more in depth about each category and bring you great ways to help your life and awareness of the importance of all aspects of healing in your journey.In great health,


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Dr. Chris Hengesteg, D.C. is a writer on the topic of Health for Unleash Your Rising.  He is the owner of Hengesteg Chiropractic in Poway, California, a Clinical Nutritionist, and emotional release practitioner.  Contact him freely for your health questions at [email protected] and follow him on Facebook:


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