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Grief Breakthrough for the Holidays

personal development Dec 11, 2018

Are you having trouble getting into the holiday spirit? Some people experience grief during the holidays and it just hangs out in the background as they go through the motions and traditions of the season. Grief shows up in so many different ways. Are you suffering from the loss of a loved one or a relationship, the grief from past trauma, the sadness that you cannot give like you want, the yearning to have love, or are you suffering from anger / frustration as you reflect on the past year(s) and have the perception that life has not been working out for you? All of these scenarios manifest as grief and many people do not know that there are tools to help release the grief so the joy of the season and the true essence of themselves can shine through.

The closest I came to experiencing pure joy during Christmas was last year, yet there was still a grief there lingering and I could equally feel both. This year is the first holiday that I have felt pure joy with no clouds covering it up. The sadness and grief are gone. Last year, with a powerful exercise and working with my breakthrough coach, I was able to find the source of this grief and let it go once and for all. I have since incorporated these techniques in my coaching and would love to be an instrument to facilitate your pure joy this holiday season…as a gift for you.

Watch this video to learn more.

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Aligning with purpose is the greatest gift to yourself and the world.

Christine Gail is a Motivational Speaker, Leadership and Creative Coach, and a Becoming a Best-Selling Author Publishing Coach with a mission to help ignite a deeper purpose within others. Her book Unleash Your Rising, (Spring 2019) includes research on intention, leadership tips, and is a source of inspiring insight on how to move past your comfort zones and activate your story. Christine is certified in the Tony Robbins-Madanes total breakthrough system and brings 23 years of sales and business development experience as well as a multitude of modalities to help you live more joyfully and become empowered in your mission to serve and transform the world.

Christine specializes in helping Entrepreneurs, Authors, and Coaches become a leader in their field. Her proven system helps Coaches build a 6-figure business and use their book as a tool to uplevel their business. Christine also enjoys helping Creative Freelancers, Writers and Producers make the connections necessary to get their work adapted for film.

Connect with Christine here:

Twitter: @ChristineGail7

Instagram:  @christine_gail7


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