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5 Ways to Let Go and Let Love During the Holidays

personal development Nov 21, 2016

The upcoming holidays mark a time of stress for a lot of people, offering the opportunity to grow, let go, and become more awakened.  We are entering into a time where the spiritual enlightenment of the world is happening at an increased pace.  All will experience an opportunity to wake up to their true essence of peace, love and joy.  The people we encounter over the holiday season can serve as our best teachers in this lesson of life.

For some people the holidays mean dealing with the ghost stories of their past, encountering family members they may not normally see, becoming exposed again to past hurts that have been left unhealed, including grief from the loss of a loved one.

What this means RIGHT NOW for you is, it is time to let go of the past, allow these stories to come to the surface so they can be fully released.

As we deal with these stories it is important to

Speak from our hearts in the most loving way.

What has been bothering you for years about a specific family member?  I am not talking about the annoying family member you see once a year who is not involved in your life.  For those people, you just grin and bear it. I am speaking of the family members who matter.  Conjure up the courage to lovingly speak your truth using phrases like, "you know, when you do this, it makes me feel this way."  You have to be prepared for the worst, but in most cases when you speak from the heart and let people know what is the new acceptable for you, at the very least they will stop and think.  If you cannot speak to the person because they are no longer in your life, you can write down the story, put it all down on paper and send the story the energy of love and forgiveness.  If you are still attached to the grief from the death of a loved one. Send them love and forgive them for passing.  State out loud, "I love you and I release all negative attachment surrounding your passing.  I forgive you and forgive the force that took you from me.  I replace this with love, peace, and gratitude."  Say this over and over until it feels true to you.  Focus on all the loving memories.  Confiding in a close friend or family member can also help you release your negative attachment to the story.  The important thing is to get it out so you can move on.

Give 2nd chances those deserving.  This doesn't mean for people who have committed the ultimate wrong against you.  We all know what our deal breakers are.   This means past wrongs that when put into perspective, you see that they were acting in the best way they knew how given their circumstances, generational norms, and place in life.  It may surprise you, the people who have hurt you or not shown up in the best way for you may want a 2nd chance but they don't know how to start.  Opening that door to communication can create a space for love to shine through and the relationship to flourish in a more fulfilling way. You have to be prepared their response may not be what you are looking for.  Accept that ahead of time.  But what if they respond?  There is nothing to be lost here if you are coming from a place of love.  That door may open and the true essence of love in that relationship will have the ability to shine through.  When this happens all benefit!

Set new boundaries

It is important in order for you to step into this new awakened life, you must set boundaries for people and for yourself.  Ask yourself, where in my life have I allowed people to infringe upon my positive energy and make me feel obligated? This goes back to being true to yourself.  If you are using the word "should" when you decide to do something, likely you are not doing it from your heart with the most authentic intention.  What about your daily habits?  What boundaries can you set for yourself to best accomplish what you want in your life?  Does this mean going to be earlier, eating healthier, limiting your time with certain people in your life who bring you down?  Go for it!  Set the boundaries and experience the freedom of being truly authentic this holiday and in your life in general.

Create your tribe

When you sign up for a more positive, awakened life, it would serve you to take inventory of the people you spend your time with.  Your time is your most valuable currency.  Is your time spent with people who enrich your life, build you up?  What energy do they bring when you spend time with them?  This could be in person, over the phone, text messages, any form of communication.  How do you spend your time on Facebook, the internet, television?  Are you allowing negative energy into your life?  Do you start your day with the local news listening to all the negativity going on in the world?  What can you do to narrow down the people and media you choose to spend your time with who bring negative energy into your life and instead replace them with the people and media that fill you up in a positive way?  There is a growing trend for community.  We are all connected and meant to connect with others.  What community can you join that spreads positivity into the world? Can you create your own?

Love yourself then Love others

During the holidays and really throughout our whole lives, we tend to put our own wants and needs to the side and put others first.  This is especially easy to do as a parent because your children need you and always come first.  When you think about this though it is quite backwards.  In order to show up with authentic love for our loved ones it is important to love ourselves first.  What can you do to start your day on a positive note, connecting to your spirit before all the demands of the day show up?  Just taking 5 minutes to meditate, pray, breathe deeply, setting your intention for the day before anyone else wakes up can get you started on the right track. What have you been putting off to do for yourself?  This holiday, choose that one thing you have been putting off and start loving yourself more.  Then choose one person that you want to send extra love and attention to this holiday season into the new year.

Implementing these 5 ways to let go and let love this holiday season will empower you to be truly authentic.  This awakening is asking you to fulfill the higher purpose of creating positive energy in the world.  Are you ready to fully embrace your story as you recreate your life in the spirit of gratitude, peace, and joy?

Christine Gail is the author of Unleash Your Rising, an Unleash Your Rising Entrepreneur Coach, Success Coach, and Book Publishing Coach.


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