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At only 10 years old, (now 12) 
Grace DeLynne

is spreading the message of
The True Power of Girls

Watch her speech below:
"You've Got the Power!"

What is the True Power of Girls?

"The True Power of Girls is about loving yourself and everyone around you. No matter your age, this book empowers you to go after what you want to do in life! Sometimes this means asking for help if you have challenges. The True Power of Girls is also about being brave, kind, and respectful.  it's not about what you have or what you look like.  It is about who you are inside...a strong, smart, brave, beautiful girl!"  
~ Grace DeLynne

The stories and journaling exercises will help the little girl in your life:

* Embrace their emotions
* Have a positive mindset
* Use power language
* Feel more confident

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to underprivileged girls?

Part of our focus is girls
coming out of human trafficking. 

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Les Brown

World-renowned Motivational Speaker,
Best-Selling Author of
You've Got to Be Hungry!

"Grace DeLynne is wise beyond her years. It is refreshing to see this young lady's leadership and hunger to inspire the world. The True Power of Girls is a book that will help girls of all ages find their true selves and live confidently for their dreams!"

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Renée Marino

Communication Coach, Co-Host of the Tony Robbins World Summit, Best-Selling Author of
Becoming a Master Communicator

"The True Power of Girls makes you want to go out into the world and live your dreams without any fear. This book is a beautiful guide for girls everywhere to realize their full potential and all of the magic that resides with them! Grace DeLynne is a clever communicator and a shining representation of the true power of girls!"

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Dr. Lisa Dunne
President of CVCU and Author of 6 books on Generational Influence, including Outsourced: Why America's Kids Need an Education Revolution

"Grace is a standout in her generation! Her didactic nature and pervasive vision for social influence are evidenced on every page of this book. The True Power of Girls is a strategic guide to helping girls find peace, develop purpose, and discover the many ways they are already poised for influence in their generation."

“I believe girls deserve to know that they are respected and can do what they want to do in life. My book, "The True Power of Girls," includes stories and journaling exercises. It helps empower you with tools and language to use when you have challenges and it helps you feel confident with your body and love who you are! 
My dream is to inspire girls all over the world through my book and speaking. It is also my dream to become an actor in movies. A big part of my message is to have fun and be yourself!”

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