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What is Your Story and Do You Realize its Power?

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2020

These libraries full of books are my paradise! (And Belle is my favorite Disney Character because she stands in her power and loves books).  Imagine all the powerful stories within these books.  
My love for books began at a young age yet I grew up in an environment where reading was strictly monitored.
I remember sneaking books into the house and hiding in the bathroom with the door locked to read them. I even hid books in a buried box on the property where we lived. I would wander alone on our property up into the biggest tree I could climb to read a book for hours then climb down and put the book safely back into the box until the next time I could escape to read it. Books became for me an escape from my own personal story.

As I grew older, I continued to grow in my love for books. As an English major, I spent hours reading and writing papers, and still spent every Saturday at Barnes and Noble to read other books I was interested in, typically self-help, psychology, and spirituality. I considered becoming an English professor yet I felt I could never be a strong enough writer to publish and it terrified me to consider teaching in front of the room. On top of that, I believed I could never share my story.  I didn't realize the power in it yet.  I believed I was so different from everyone else and I was really good at hiding...behind books and later behind my success.

Many years went by before I discovered my purpose to inspire others to realize the power in their stories. I went from the girl who used books as an escape to inspiring others to write their own books and share their stories from stage.
I love the personal development that goes into the process and the skill it takes to weave your story into a book.

A book lives beyond you. It is your legacy. Imagine, your book on these beautiful shelves. What is your story and do you realize its power? 

Christine Gail is a keynote speaker, leadership strategist, breakthrough and creativity mentor, and book publishing coach.  Her #1 best-selling book Unleash Your Rising, endorsed by Jack Canfield, Les Brown, and John Assaraf, includes research on intention, leadership tips, and is a source of inspiring insight on how to move past your comfort zones and ignite your story.   

Christine is certified in the Tony Robbins-Madanes total breakthrough system and brings more than two decades of business development experience as well as a multitude of modalities to inspire you to lead with intention and ignite your story. 


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