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Unleashing Your Love Story

Unleashing your love story has everything to do with your own personal development and tapping into your creative power.  If you are single, it becomes possible to attract a match who best compliments your higher self the more introspective work you do and the more you live in your creative genius.  If you are in a relationship, the more you focus on your inner work and pursue your creative purpose, the better your relationship works.  Why?  Because you are honoring what makes you come alive, rather than relying on someone else to activate your aliveness.

In chapters 2, 3, and 4 of Unleash Your Rising, I discuss a powerful awareness tool called Your Story of Intention that can work as a guide in unleashing your love story.  This tool is a chart that contains 3 levels of story:

1. First Story: Disempowerment
2. Second Story: Unleashing
3.  Third Story: Reverence

If you are single and in the unleashing stage, overall, you no longer require validation outside of yourself. You are focused on your own personal growth and becoming more deeply connected with yourself and spiritually. You are not attached to meeting anyone at all. You are surrendering to the process and know that what is meant to be will unfold for you. The most important part of unleashing when single is no longer yearning and striving for a relationship. You truly become perfectly happy in your own skin.

If you are in a relationship, as you unleash your love story your expectations are replaced with appreciation for your partner’s gifts and contributions. In this case, even challenging relationships can be saved because as one partner cuts the cord to attachment to how the other partner validates them, and rather focuses on gratitude in their relationship and their own unleashing, the other partner typically begins to take notice and rises up as well.   Each person's willingness to invest the time and effort into their own personal development can determine the longevity and success of the relationship.  

Unleashing into third story reverence creates a massive shift in relationships. Criticism turns into compassion. Expectations turn into altruism or selfless service to the other. Toxic relationships fall away. Relationships not aligned in reverence will begin to shift and either fall away or deepen. A deep love can be cultivated because there is a strong sense of self-love and selflessness in place. You begin to see your partner in a different way—not as someone who must fulfill a physical or material need, but rather as a partner who complements your already joyful life. You will experience a sense of peace in your relationship, and the reverence you will experience comes from the recognition that somehow you selected one another to be partners on this journey.

The epiphany in third story is that being in a relationship is no longer about you. The bigger picture is that this partner is the perfect companion to bring you to altruism and the experience of unconditional love. This also rings true for deep, meaningful friendships.

Whether in a relationship or not, unconditional love knows no bounds. It does not play by the rules that society has set, nor does it fit into a box. Reverent love lives at its highest frequency, unnamed and untamed. Love is an energy at work that erupts when two or more people share a common bond. This bond can be between friends, colleagues, and through the synergistic magic that occurs in a creative project. Spirit is the basis of this creativity. When you can tap into it, any relationship with a person or a creative project that is grounded in reverence for the process can manifest because it stems from the creative power of limitless possibilities.


Christine Gail is a keynote speaker, leadership strategist, breakthrough and creativity mentor, and book publishing coach.  Her best-selling book Unleash Your Rising, endorsed by Jack Canfield, Les Brown, and John Assaraf, includes research on intention, leadership tips, and is a source of inspiring insight on how to move past your comfort zones and ignite your story.  


Christine is certified in the Tony Robbins-Madanes total breakthrough system and brings more than two decades of business development experience as well as a multitude of modalities to inspire you to lead with intention and ignite your story.




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