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Unleash more Impact and Income by Weaving your Story into a #1 Best-Selling Book! Create your Dream Legacy Business from your Book! Together we RISE through STORY!

Entrepreneurs, Storytellers, Kingdom Leaders, Speakers, and Coaches partner with Christine Gail and her expert Writing/Publishing team to write, edit, design, and publish their books because most people struggle with how to get started and how to navigate through publishing. Most aspiring authors get caught up in the self-doubt and delay and have no idea how to simplify writing their book quickly and how to properly publish and launch an excellent book that will reach as many people as possible. So Christine and her expert team collaborate together with you and create a turn-key process from idea stage all the way to #1 Best Seller launch, with a clear strategy on how to market your book to the masses and create an impactful and profitable business from your book that will transforms lives, including your own.

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Christine Gail's best-selling book, Unleash Your Rising, endorsed by the legendary Les Brown, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, and other influential leaders in personal development, will transform the way you view the world, yourself, and your potential. Through reclaiming your story and the profound insights it offers, you will discover how to become a more impactful leader of your own life and in all of your creative pursuits.

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