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What Readers and Experts Are Saying About Unleash Your Rising

“Want a true, introspective book that will rock your world? Unleash Your Rising is it. Be ready for an amazing journey in story, emotional intelligence, and mindset. Whatever you are intending—you will find the confidence for it within these pages.”

—John Assaraf, CEO and Founder of NeuroGym™, New York Times Best-Selling Author, featured in the film The Secret

Unleash Your Rising is a game-changer in personal development. No matter what you are aspiring to do, Christine Gail will unleash the part of you that feels like it isn’t possible and flip the switch in your mind to make it a reality.”

—Les Brown, World-Renowned Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Best-Selling Author

“The exercises and tools in this book will set your life in an upward direction and inspire you to become a more reverent leader. Unleash Your Rising will challenge you to be honest with yourself and activate a vision that can impact the world.”

—Jack Canfield, Co-Author of The Success Principles ™ and Chicken Soup for the Soul ®

“This is a book that hits you on so many levels and a book that made me stop more than a few times to examine my own life and look at where I could change. I love the concept of ‘Your Story’ and how to look at your current story, set a new intention, and write a new story. This alone makes it worth the read. However, it goes much deeper by delving into our intentions, word choices, affirmations, and beliefs. It shows how these all affect what we receive in life, and how we can change our lives when we change our intentions. The other sections on your brain, your health, and self-leadership all go to make this book a must have on your self-improvement bookshelf and one that you will dip into again and again. Christine has written a roadmap that will start from today and last for the rest of your life.”

— Steven Aitchison, Author of The Belief Principle, Founder of Your Digital Formula and the blog Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

“I believe in a book that combines all aspects of life.... This book does exactly that and more. Christine Gail will move you with story and empower you to believe anything is possible if you are willing to overcome what has set you back in the past. I recommend Unleash Your Rising for people who want to change their mindset and their hearts to believe in something greater!”

— Megan Unsworth, Co-Founder and First Lady of Life on Fire™, Success Coach

“Unleash Your Rising is one of the most inspiring personal development books I have read in a very long time.  Christine Gail dives deep into what is holding you back from living in your highest leadership capability.  The journaling exercises and action steps lead you to your breakthrough. Immersing yourself in this book will transform your life and how you lead!”

— Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny

“Christine Gail’s dive into crafting your story takes you beyond the page and into the hierarchy of personal development. Her step-by-step system to move your story of a painful past to joy and peace will not only liberate the book that is within you, but will also free you into the future you have always dreamed of creating.”

— Kimberly Spencer, High Performance Coach and Founder of Crown Yourself™

“This book is an ebullient, heartfelt outpouring, which offers sound advice on spiritual ‘self-leadership’: itself a paradoxical phrase of considerable value. It is enriched by numerous quotations from masters in this field, tending to an overarching summative aspiration: "On the other side of grief lies a deeper understanding of love."

— Dr. C.J. Fitter, Professor of English, Rutgers University  

“Wow! This is such a powerful book. My favorite line is: 'Everything in the universe has an ebb and flow, a giving and a receiving.’ When we come into alignment with the tide of our lives, which is the vision that is greater than us, we discover abundance flowing toward us and through us. Unleash Your Rising will help you discover that alignment so you can enjoy more fulfillment and serve others in a more authentic way.”

— Erick Pettersen, Personal Branding Coach @erickonbranding

Unleash Your Rising is a powerful book filled with all aspects of personal development that will satisfy anyone who is truly hungry for change. It gives you tangible tools and techniques to regain your power, your voice, and step into your God-given purpose. I highly recommend this book for anyone, no matter where they are on their beautiful life’s journey.”

— Lyndsey Welch, Wellness Coach

“Christine Gail’s Unleash Your Rising breaks down personal growth and leadership into a unique and cutting-edge chart that allows you to unleash your true calling. It approaches leadership and personal development from all aspects of the mind, body, and soul and provides an inspirational look at how your intuition, emotion, and behavior affect your daily life. This book allows you to self-reflect, break through negative habits, and create inspired action to live the life you want.”

— Jenn Beninger, CEO and Co-Founder of Genius Unlocked Coaching Institute, Master Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker

“Christine Gail has woven her own story seamlessly into her message. It’s obvious she has deeply lived what she is teaching, which is one thing that makes her book so powerful and memorable. Reading Unleashing Your Rising is a life-changing experience that I highly recommend to anyone looking for healing and transformation in all aspects of life.”

— Lynn Weimar, RN, MSN, Fit Beyond Fifty

Unleash Your Rising is about pursuing your highest self through self-mastery. Christine breaks down the three levels of story and articulates how each level is differentiated from the others in relation to the four factors of relationship, leadership, story, and abundance. The exercises she offers are tangible and allowed me better access to the faculties of intuition and creativity, rather than being stuck in a reality constrained by my own logic. I found this book to connect the dreamer in me to the pragmatic achiever by helping me link my vision with practical routines designed to facilitate my own rising.”

— Bob Morse, Leadership and Performance Coach, Founder of 360 Degree Results

“Christine has a great gift for making the complicated simple. By releasing whatever is holding you back, you are able to unleash a power within that will propel you forward. Read this book and step into who you are supposed to be.”

— Spike Spencer, Creator of Relationship Sales Dynamics™

Unleash Your Rising deals with one of the most powerful, yet over-looked aspects of leadership and that is the concept of self-leadership.  Using her engaging writing style, Christine has given us the keys to not only understand self-leadership, but also to implement and make it part of who we are as human beings.  As a coach, and as a person constantly on the look out for ways to up my game and that of my clients, this book and the tools it offers will be one of my go-to resources for the years to come.  Everyone who wants to up-level their life should consider this a must read!

— Michael Mushlin, Chief Increase Officer at Increase Coaching and Co-Founder of Underground Funnel Secrets

“This well-thought-out book takes a step-by-step approach to help you regain your power, change your thinking, and move upwards to the life you are meant to live!”

— Alice Lee Connelly, featured L’ORÉAL make-up artist

“Christine Gail is creating a movement with this message.  If people read and apply the core concepts of Unleash Your Rising, they will be surprised of the shifts they experience.  I recommend this book to anyone who knows deep within there is more for their life.”

— Steven Webb, The Inner Peace Guide, Author of Choosing Nothing, Founder of Your Inner Peace Academy

“This is a remarkable book, not only written skillfully but with a rare mix of loving attention, practical wisdom, courage, honesty, and, above all, love. I stand in awe of Christine’s gentle voice as both writer and teacher.”

— Dr.Vidya Reddy, N.D., Author of Your Journey Beyond Your Mind, Meditation Journal and Founder of Naturally Happy

“Christine Gail’s Unleash Your Rising is a beautifully articulated jolt of energy for the creative mind. Equally beneficial for aspiring and working artists, her simple, intuitive, and emotionally-driven method sparks entirely new ways of thinking about one’s story—and oneself.”

— Aaron Mendelsohn: Secretary-Treasurer, Writers Guild of America West and Professor of Screenwriting, Loyola Marymount University


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