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Lead with Intention and Ignite Your Story

What will it take for your business to gain momentum for exponential growth?  How do you rise into the next level and still have balance in your life?  Has your business grown, but there are components that need to be tweaked so you can watch your revenue soar in specific niches? Are you clear on your short-term and long-term vision?  Are your employees enrolled in the vision of your company?    What about sales and marketing?  Have you considered writing and publishing your book to further promote your business?

Having built over $14 Million in revenue from the ground up, including my own former brick and mortar business tripling revenue in just 3 years from $0 to a total of $3.1 Million, I can quickly and easily pinpoint opportunities to maximize your business potential.  Whether you are 1 person or a small corporation, together we will implement revenue-building strategies specific for your line of business.

The Personal Development of the Leader

Are you a successful leader in work but find that other areas of your life are lacking?  If you could pinpoint the aspects of your life that could use an overhaul, what would they be?  If you died tomorrow, would you feel satisfied with how you have shown up in your life, your relationships, and in leaving your legacy?  If you could improve upon those areas of your life, can you imagine how that would positively affect your business?

I believe in the personal development of the leader and their teams. What stories are you telling yourself in your life and in your business?  Do you see the same challenging stories manifesting over and over?  I work 1on1 and with small groups to revisit stories that are no longer serving you. Together we reprogram your perception of these stories and build out a powerful vision so you can unleash a wildly successful story for your future.

Refer to Christine Gail's book Unleash Your Rising for a leadership awareness chart, Your Story of Intention, in Chapters 2, 3, and 4 and dive into Chapters 12 and 13 on self-leadership and leading with intention.

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