Are you ready to RISE?

* Abundance * Freedom * Love * Joy * Success

June 22 - 24 in San Diego, CA

Unleash Your Rising
Breakthrough Experience

(For Authors, Speakers, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs)

What if you could rise above any barrier
to achieve the life that you really want?

Imagine being able to clearly see your vision come to pass and having the tools to overcome any obstacle that attempts to drive you off course. 
How would that change you?

I want breakthrough!
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Join us in beautiful 
San Diego, California

June 22-24, 2023

Meet Your Lead Coach 
Christine Gail:

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Founder and Lead Coach 

Christine Gail is the Founder and Creator of the Unleash Your Rising Breakthrough System. She is a breakthrough strategist, book publishing coach, and TV Producer of Unleash Your Story TV.  Her mission is to ignite a deeper purpose within others to create positive change in the world.  Her Amazon best-selling book Unleash Your Rising, endorsed by Jack Canfield, Les Brown, and John Assaraf, is a source of inspiring insight on how to move past your comfort zones and ignite your story. Christine is certified in the Tony Robbins-Madanes total breakthrough system and HeartMath Clinical Certification Program.  Christine has created a unique and proven breakthrough experience that will allow you to live with more peace, joy, freedom, and abundance.

What you'll get out of Breakthrough:

  • Rise above your conscious and unconscious barriers to achieving your vision.

  • Mindset and language reprogramming.

  • Empowered belief systems around money and abundance. 

  • Find the power in your story and activate your speaker's voice.

  • Create an intentional success roadmap to implement beyond the event.

  • Lifelong connections with heart-centered world-changers.
I want breakthrough!

FAQ's & Important Details:

* Where is the event located? 
San Diego, California 
(Location disclosed after registration)

* Where can I stay?
We are booking an AirBnB venue within a short distance to the beach and restaurants.
NOTE:  For past events, attendees have shared rooms and have become life-long friends!

 attract heart-centered thought leaders who want to create transformation in their own lives and in the world.  They want to make a difference. Their INNOVATIVE IDEAS and INSPIRING STORIES are solving real problems in the world through their books, coaching, and speaking.  They realize that now is the time to RISE up and find the POWER in their stories.  By changing the way that we perceive and tell our stories, we can create a positive ripple effect.  Our attendees are ACTION TAKERS who want to build more authority and live with more freedom, joy, and abundance.  

* Age: 18 & up

Important details:
This is a 3-day full immersion event and it is required to attend all 3 days.  If you are traveling, it is important you arrive the day before, Wednesday June 21st and stay through Sunday June 25th (return home Monday, if possible). There will be an opportunity to spend time together for a beach day on Sunday after the event and it is important to allow time and space to process your breakthroughs before returning home.

Please email [email protected] if you have any scheduling conflicts.

It is important to let your friends, family, and clients know you will be "off the grid" for at least 3 days to give you space for your breakthrough.

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I want breakthrough!

What people are saying
about Unleash Your Rising and Christine Gail

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Jenni Viken

The breakthrough with Christine Gail
I experienced was instrumental in breaking free from the shame and guilt I had been carrying from the trauma of my past.  It allowed me to write my book from a state of being whole and complete and later I was able to manifest leaving my job to become a full-time investor and coach!

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Betsy Finkelhoo

After attending the Unleash Your Rising breakthrough event I continue to see money show up in my bank account.  I'm eternally grateful for Christine's process that brought to light for me what was holding me back from true abundance. 

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Steven Webb

I have struggled with the confidence and motivation to write my book for longer than I can remember. With Christine‘s mentorship my book is now at 20,000 words and my coaching business is now taking off.
I cannot thank you enough
Christine Gail. 

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Les Brown

Motivational Speaker,
Best-Selling Author of
You've Got To Be Hungry

Unleash Your Rising is a game-changer in personal development. No matter what you are aspiring to do, Christine Gail will unleash the part of you that feels like it isn't possible and flip the switch in your mind to make it a reality.

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Jill Heil

Best-Selling Author
of Rescuing Jack and Jill

My experience with Christine Gail has been wonderful. I have come a very long way in growth.  She walked me through a breakthrough with something huge I was holding onto.  I came out of it "happy and free!"  Just in general I have accomplished more having her on my side. I could not have done it without her!

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John Assaraf

Founder and CEO of NeuroGym, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Having It All, and
Best-Selling Author of Innercise

Unleash Your Rising is it.
Be ready for an amazing journey in story,
emotional intelligence, and mindset.

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The focus of this experience is not just what you are rising up to do.  Equally the focus is who you are rising up to BE.  You will discover the POWER in your story and align to a greater vision for your life.  You will become empowered with unique tools to live in more JOY, LOVE, FREEDOM, and ABUNDANCE.

Are you ready to
Unleash Your Rising?

I want breakthrough!