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Dear Author,

I believe that we can change our world one book at a time.

This is a very unique opportunity to reinvent ourselves and do something we've never done before to make the world a better place.

Authors who RISE UP and get their book out during these extraordinary times will have a head start as LEADERS and will stand out as EXPERTS.

We get to rise into greater purpose and use our voice for good more than ever before!

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It has been my vision to reach over a million lives globally with the Unleash Your Rising message and to empower more Authors to get their books out so they too can make a greater impact, while keeping other areas of their life in balance.


Over the years, I have been attracting Authors who have...

INNOVATIVE IDEAS and POWERFUL STORIES that transform lives.  

These Authors have ranged from 7-figure CEOs, to Coaches, Speakers, stay-at-home Moms who are homeschooling during the pandemic, to people who are entrepreneurs at heart, planning to leave their 9 to 5.

I work with brilliant innovators and storytellers who understand that perception matters. By changing the way that we tell our stories, we can create a positive ripple effect.

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This challenge is for ACTION TAKERS!

This includes Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and anyone who wants to write and publish their non-fiction book.

It's ok if you don't have it figured out yet and it doesn't matter where you are in the process.  All you have to do to get the most out of this challenge is commit 1 hour each day for the 5 days. (There is 1 day in-between, and an entire weekend to catch up too:)

We believe in taking instant inspired action for the best results!

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You'll get 5 key foundational steps that ensure our Authors MASSIVE MOMENTUM in writing and launching their books.

Also, valuable tips on how to write a book FOR your reader and break through writer’s block.

We'll cover everything you need to know about publishing and common mistakes to avoid.

Now, what about your business behind your book?

As an Author you are an Entrepreneur. 

In this challenge, you get to create a simple, instant-action plan for your business so there is no guess-work taking up your creative energy!

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Best of all, you get to take this inspired action in a powerful heart-centered Author community!  You don't have to figure it out alone anymore!  You will get more done in community and have fun along the way!

By the way, we have gotten incredible feedback from Authors who were not sure where to begin and from Authors who have struggled to get their book written and published!  

Like them, you'll gain an A to Z Writing and Publishing strategy, more clarity than ever before, and the freedom to reach more people!

Imagine what it will be like to have your book in your hands and see the impact that you deserve to make!

I can’t wait to celebrate your success!

Christine Gail

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“The exercises and tools in this book will set your life in an upward direction and inspire you to become a more reverent leader. Unleash Your Rising will challenge you to be honest with yourself and activate a vision that can impact the world.”
—Jack Canfield, Co-Author of The Success Principles ™ and Chicken Soup for the Soul ®

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Christine Gail is a Keynote Speaker, Story Breakthrough Leadership Strategist, and Book Publishing Coach.  She is certified in a program that has published over 1200 Authors and partners with an incredible team of Professional Editors, Book Designers, Printers, and a NY Publisher.  Her Amazon best-selling book, Unleash Your Rising, endorsed by Jack Canfield, Les Brown, and John Assaraf, includes research on intention, leadership tips, and is a source of inspiring insight on how to move past your comfort zones and ignite your story.  Christine enjoys mentoring Authors on the power of their stories and how to be successful in their speaking, coaching/consulting and online business.  She is an advocate of creating balance, celebrating every inspired step, and building a brand that transforms lives.

Attend the sessions LIVE and enter
to WIN amazing prizes!

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We can all agree that YOU GET THE BEST RESULTS by taking inspired action!

Not only will you complete the challenge and see massive momentum in your book process, you will have fun entering to WIN these amazing prizes!

Get 1 raffle ticket for every LIVE session you attend!

Prizes will be announced in the private Facebook Group!

See how this training created massive momentum for our Star Authors!

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Jill Heil
Best-Selling Author
Rescuing Jack and Jill

"If you work the formula Christine has and do it in the proper way, you can be Amazon's #1 Best Seller!... because I was!  We also have our own special Authors group so if there are any questions we can learn from each other and share ideas with each other. I followed her 3-Step Media Program and landed a spot on the morning news which led to lots of book sales!  In general I have accomplished more having Christine on my side. I could not have done it without her!”

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Todd Brinkman
Best-Selling Author
Virtual Reality for Main Street

"Christine helped me see the bigger vision for my book and to reach the right target audience. There's no way I would have the opportunities I have had to meet with CEOs, Directors, and Investors without having worked with Christine. She helped me clean up mistakes so I could execute my book with professionalism.  It was a nice bonus to reach Best Seller on Amazon and have the amazing community help write reviews. Her program is worth every dime!

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Jenni Viken
Speaker, upcoming Author
Choosing Healthy Relationships

"Before meeting Christine I knew I wanted to write a book and impact people with my story. I just didn't know how to do it.  I also work and have a family.  She helped break the process down into manageable pieces and helped me understand more clearly the people that my book will impact.  I had the most life-changing breakthroughs with Christine.  All of a sudden, there is this urgency to write this book. This isn't about me. This is about them.  I am truly grateful for her and this experience."

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Betsy Finkelhoo
Speaker and Author of The Power Affirmation Journal

"I am so grateful for Christine, our powerful, fearless, knowledgeable leader.  Through her program I had some monumental personal breakthroughs.  And in publishing through her, I saw my investment back in my first week launching!  I am so excited for the doors opening for me to speak and to be a part of more events since following her guidance.  This is just the beginning and I could not have done this without Christine.”

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Elizabeth Moors
Best-Selling Author
Taking Charge of You

"I am a Certified Coach and a proud Mom of my son with Asperger's.  I wanted to write a book to inspire parents of special needs children.   I also have Aspergers and it is truly amazing that getting started with Christine caused me to write my book in just 3 months!  In launching, Christine helped me find categories that would work and I reached #1 Amazon Best Seller!  Not only that, she helped me with branding and getting the most out of my book release!  If you want swift success, work with Christine!”

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Steven Aitchison
~ Over 4 million followers ~
CEO Your Digital Formula
Best-Selling Author
The Belief Principle

"I received a copy of Unleash Your Rising by Christine and thought she did an amazing job in promoting her book.  Christine was my first choice for coaching on book promotion.  The lessons I learned were invaluable and the advice I got from Christine was brilliant.  Her advice helped me become a #1 Best Seller in several categories on Amazon which was great for social proof. I don't think you'll find a more dedicated coach to help you write and promote your book."


Here's what these brilliant experts say about the experience Christine creates!

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"Christine Gail will UNLEASH the part of you that feels like it isn’t possible and flip the switch in your mind to make it a reality.”

—Les Brown, World-Renowned Motivational Speaker, Coach, and Best-Selling Author

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"Be ready for an amazing journey in story, emotional intelligence, and mindset. Whatever you are intending—you will find the confidence for it with Christine Gail.”

—John Assaraf, CEO and Founder of NeuroGym™, New York Times Best-Selling Author